Saturday, 2 July 2011

A wonderful day at the woodland fair

We had a wonderful day at the Blackdown Hills Woodland Fair. It was quite full on and all go from 10am until 5pm, but it was worth every minute. We met some wonderful people and even got to catch up with lovely friends and acquaintances and even made some great new friends, too we hope. The children had a great time. We played guess what is in the box and best and most popular game of all, we did 'Nail bashing!'. It never seizes to amaze me how a nail, a tree stump and a hammer will occupy children for hours on end! I have to remember that next time I hear the word 'I'm bored' anywhere in the vicinity of my own house! It was glorious sunshine throughout the day and there were so many other things going on, that we barely had enough time to experience any of the other activities around us. We did however manage to take lots of pictures and we really hope to see many of the people we spoke to today. If you are reading this and you scroll down to see your photo below, please do contact us and I am very happy to send you the originals. If you think I may have taken photos of your children adn they are not published here, then again, please do contact us and I will be very happy to forward originals to you, if you would like them.
We very much look forward to seeing all the people we met today in the woods near Crowcombe sometime soon. Don't forget you can subscribe to an RSS feed or email to the right of this article, or you can contact us directly at the woodland play centre email address and we will add you to our mailing list.
Thank you all so much for a wonderful day, and hope to see you soon. I will leave you with some photos of some lovely visitors and fellow woodland folk...
Nicky and PHil, Learning from the Land.

REady for nail bashing

So much concentration - this was one of 15 photos...

Katie from Tracebridge - Amazing Sourdough bread...
they do delivery and bread making classes too...

Emma from FWAG

The brilliant bat people who will hopefully come
and do some bat detecting in the woods with us soon!

The horse doing the horse logging - from Monmouth,
but will go all over the country to do logging.

Making clay nests and creatures

More nail bashing!

Ahhh... a little tired.

Ready for bashing those nails!

There were a lot of people visiting carrying woods...
it was the woodland fair after all!

Ahhh more nests!

I don't know anyone who looks better in a hat!


So rock and roll!

THE cutest baby...only 11th months old and running!

The only visitor wearing a bow all day!

Head of the family!


Nail bashing competition carries on.

Someone is covered in clay.

End of the day nail bashing!
 So - a good day was had by all and we can't wait for next year!

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