Sunday, 3 July 2011

Here are some pictures that I took in the woods on Friday when we were working. They are random snapshots of life in the woods and the work going on in the background, when there are no woodland shenanigans going on, but just the hard background work - of course, not forgetting of course the need to eat deliciously cooked food on the fire. This friday we had roasted courgettes, as well as broadbeans fried in melted butter and sprinkled with herbs and parmesan. We also had the best bread, eggs, and danish chocolate sandwiches. Really, what more could we want, apart from all the glorious sunshine that came with it too! A rather lovely office in the outdoors...
The compost loo again...almost finished

Looking beautiful in the sun!

From behind - with the sink now working

Roasted courgettes for our lunch meeting

The lovely Linda having lunch with us in the woods

Gorgeous italian bread - sweet onion and feta foccacia

The lovely Lou working hard

Meg sleeping lots in the sunshine


Unfurling ferns

Interesting ivy

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  1. Oh where has all the beautiful sun gone...please bring it back! How has the bracken become so tall? And how did little Meg become so old and poorly in the last few weeks...although we hope she is on the mend, she was bouncing round the woods this morning, but think she needs to take life at a slower pace from now on. ;)