Monday, 2 April 2012

Bursting Bluebells!

What a weekend in the woods again, this time just carrying out necessary jobs and maintenance.
* More work done on the compost loo, painted around the loo seat, finished the non slip paint on the ramp
* Planted some willow next to the boys urinal to weave a screen once it grows and i believe it is a good filter system too
* Planted a few more trees in the hedgerow and put tree guards on them all.

The hedge is looking marvelous and although not all the trees will take first time round, it will create a smashing boundary once grown, it will act as a wind barrier and will provide animals, birds and us with a wealth of nuts and berries to eat. That is all the planting now until the Autumn, we will then lay some parts of the old hedge / bank as well as lots more tree planting. We have the trees donated from Monkton Elm Garden Centre heeled in the garden ready to plant later this year and early next year from October - March. Thank you to everyone who has helped plant the hedge to date, please come back to events we are running to check up on the trees!

Whilst in the woods yesterday....our first flowered bluebell was spotted!!!!! Very exciting times indeed. We also spotted three red deer enjoying the sunshine, heard lots of bird song and saw many butterflies.

Beautiful days