Friday, 4 February 2011


Calling all experts in woodland things, calling all volunteers, and callling all willing and able learners and teachers! Actually, we are just calling all!

The Woodland Play Centre are offering a number of courses this year which we would like to provide either in partnership with others. We are also offering a number of workshops where we would like a pool of pool  of people who can come and provide them. We would also very much like to hear from any woodland people who would like to come and either offer their expertise as volunteers, throughout the year, working with children and adults.

If you would like to be involved with the Woodland Play Centre please contact Louise,

Here is a list of the possible courses that we would like to provide in collaboration with other individuals or companies! Let's talk!

ChildrenGive it some Welly for Woodlands
ChildrenChildren's art workshops
ChildrenNational Play Day 
Corporate leadership training etc
Craft Basketry
Craft Birds nest boxes
Craft Christmas from the hedgerow
Craft Fantastic Felt
Craft Greenwoodwork course
Craft Hues from the hedrow (felt, dying)
Craft Landscape painting
Craft Paper making workshops
Craft Photography
Craft Spinning
Craft Andy Goldsworthy
Craft Willow Sculptures/structures
Environmental Issues Solar energy/natural energy
HistoryHistory of landscape
Story tellingLocal folklore/story telling
Story tellingStory Telling
WalksBlue Bell Walks
WalksAutumn Rut
WalksWinter walks
WildlifeBird Survey techniques
WildlifeBird Watching
WildlifeMoth spotting
WildlifeBat Identification workshops
WildlifeButterfly watch
WildlifeDormouse ecology and conservations
WildlifeInsect spotting
WildlifeNut hunt (dormouse)
WildlifeWild nights out
WildlifeWoodland wildlife
Woodland Workshops Food for free/Foraging workshops
Woodland Workshops Mushroom magic
Woodland Workshops Seed gathering
Woodland Workshops Bees in the wood
Woodland Workshops Flora and Fauna
Woodland Workshops Healing power of plants workshops
Woodland Workshops Nettle workshops (with soup/beer?)
Woodland Workshops Tree identification 
Woodland Skills Chainsaw carving courses
Woodland Skills Cob ovens
Woodland Skills Compost loo
Woodland Skills Dangerous day for girls
Woodland Skills Empowering girls
Woodland Skills Hazel Hurdles
Woodland Skills Tracking
Woodland Skills BTCV Volunteer Projects
Woodland skillsWildlife and the law
Woodland skillsAncient woodland
Woodland skillsCoppicing
Woodland skillsSmall Woodland Management
Woodland skillsSocial Forestry
Woodland skillsFencing
Woodland skillsHorse logging /felling
Woodland skillsPath clearing / making 
Woodland skillsTraditional Woodland Management
Woodland SkillsTree planting
Woodland skillsWoodland conservation
Woodland skillsBenders 
Woodland skillsWoodland Skills general intro
Woodland Skills tree house workshops (robin hood)

February Half term is almost here!

Update from wild woman herself - Louise!!

Brr its cold outside and what better way to warm up than drinking hot chocolate around a roaring campfire?!

I can not believe that yet more holidays are creeping up on us and it will soon be February Half Term. So we are planning more Woodland Playschemes throughout the week, don’t miss out and BOOK NOW! We are planning to bring the Thunderbox compost toilet over, so have to make sure there is a suitable space for it, as well as prepare for a new one.

Learning from the Land will be delivering a course for ADULTS in the Spring on how to build and maintain your own Compost Toilet….watch this space for more information, or ask me for details.  

I am sometimes amazed that I never tire from playing outdoors and seeking the simple pleasures of environmental play. The woodland is providing me immense opportunities for discovery and exploration and no visit is ever the same or boring, I can not wait to share these opportunities and treasures with those of you that want to enter into the Wild Woods….on a wintery or frosty day!!

I hope to see many familiar faces at half term and perhaps some new ones?

A natural playground is awaiting some playful curiosity…….

Wild wishes


M 07775 941353

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you all!
Firstly, we have apologise for our absence here in blogville, but we have had such a busy year and have had not time at all to let people know what has been happening. This is now going to change and we will be updating the blog regularly from now on with all our news on the Woodland Play Centre, the dates, courses and events we are running, as well as news of the woodland itself. We have such an exciting year ahead of us here at the Woodland Play Centre, and we cannot wait to share it with you.
We are very excited to announce that we have purchased a wonderful and magical woodland for all our woodland activities and playtimes. The woodland is such a beautiful place with plenty of room for climbing and building dens. There are many different species of birds and butterflies and wonderful fauna to be discovered as we get into spring, and we happen to know that it will soon be a carpet of bluebells!
During this year we are looking forward to taking the Woodland Play Centre forward and concentrating not only on activities for families and children which of course we love more than anything, but we are also moving into a very exciting new future where we will be providing courses for adults too. After all, why should the adults miss out?
For the children we will be providing our regular Woodland Playschemes during the half term and full term holidays. These are a great chance to get the kids outside when their parents still need to go to work. We will also be running some events on some very special days and weeks this year, such as National insect week, National Play Day and International Talk Like a Pirate day! Oh the fun we are going to have! There are many more things that we will be doing and which can be found on our website as well as in our calendar. Simply go to the acitvities page and click on the calendar at the top to see the year ahead.
For adults there are a number of different types of courses and workshops. We have craft courses such as photography, felt making, 'Hues from the hedgerows', and willow sculptures, which we look forward to arranging in the autumn and winter of 2011. We will also be doing woodland and forestry workshops and courses from 'the healing power of plants' and 'Nettle workshops' to 'Small Woodland Management' courses. It is going to be such a great year in the woods and we very much look forward to welcoming you there.
If you would like further information on our courses and events, please feel free to contact Louise Kennedy on or look at our website
All the best for now!