Monday, 16 January 2012

Tremendous Trees!

It is the time of year to be planting, as a gift to my family members each one was given a Sweet Chestnut tree to plant in the woods. This weekend saw the planting of these trees, carefully selected and debated places for the trees to grow into big strong trees that can be climbed and sat years to come! It was a very special time that each tree is now associated to a very important family member, as well as continuing to look after and nurture the woodland and all that live there! Although we are having to go back and add more guards to the trees as the deer will feast on the young saplings!

It will soon be half term and there will be a few days of playful projects, including some tree planting! Days and times to follow shortly!

Enjoy this seasonally cold spell and fingers crossed for a bit of snow at the weekend to play in ;)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The New Year....and what a day!!

Today sees many people back to work, for me after a fortnight of back to back events, festivities, family visits, eating, sleeping, card games, board games and exploring outside with friends and family! I know i am often heard chanting the saying 'there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing' but i can honestly say that this morning i am quite happy tucked into my office starting to tackle the paper pile that has gathered over the festive period.

I found for many families i spoke to over the festive time, that this year for many it was a time for tightening the purse strings and not getting caught up in the huge amount of spending Christmas can bring, this included me. I found myself thinking much more creatively rather than buying a present off the shelf. Presents this year included many home made gifts, i seemed to make endless stars and tree decorations after our day in the woods on the 17th December with Linda. I also made sure that i gifted 'time' for many, my present to promise to give time to those i love. Although i am utterly exhausted, i have really enjoyed catching up with many friends and family to walk, talk, eat and play. Lets hope i do more of that this year!

I was pleased to read a fellow bloggers review from a parents perspective on the importance of children playing freely outside and recalling his own childhood memories, to read it follow this link It is good to know that Mark is involved in the outdoors...from a design point of view, i wonder if the garden designs could capture the essence of magic and playfulness he recalls from his childhood! A good challenge i am sure.....if we could all design our own gardens / spaces what top FIVE features would you have in it? I would have to have water, a large oak tree, dense cover to play under, tunnels and a treehouse!

I am going to be spending the next week or so putting the programme of events for this year together, so hope to be in touch soon with dates!

Windy wishes