Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New thoughts...New website and New projects!!

A New Year and so many New things to tell you about!

I find that December and January are generally quieter times in the woods, so is a great time to get focused and re-energised for the emerging year. We carry out many woodland management tasks with and without groups.

In the last few days many new things have come to the fore, I will tell you about them...briefly!!

* The NEW website, this was first talked about 2 years ago I am ashamed to say. But they say all good things come to those that wait. The reason it has taken so long is because I love playing in the woods and not in front the computer, amongst other things!! I am thrilled with what we have and already and looking at ways to elaborate and expand it in the coming years. I am hoping that it will be so much easier to navigate and find, book events you require! I welcome any feedback so please do not hesitate in contacting me. There are numerous people that were involved behind the scenes in terms of the designer, graphic input, critical readers and writers etc....I owe lots of wine and dinners to many friends!! I hope you all enjoy the new site, same address 

* A NEW group that is setting down roots in the woods called TreeTots. A toddler group in the woods for children aged 5 years and under. A friend (Forest School leader & Playworker) and myself have talked it over and decided to give it a go and within an hour of setting the dedicated FB page it recieved over 80 'likes'. Over whelming start considering it is not due to start until March! More details to follow soon but we are registering peoples interest now. Details on the NEW website...did I mention there is a new website!!

* Generally NEW projects and ideas are emerging all the time and there seems to be a flurry of them now. We have new packages for schoools to visit us that link into current curriculum topics. A friend (speech and drama teacher) and I are spending a lot of time trialing days based around certain topics...such as a Gruffalo Day, Traditional Tales and many more!

* We are developing more scope to cater for adult functions in the woods and have a wonderful team of professionals ready to be involved.

I need to go and look at the NEW website is like a new toy! As always thank you all for your continued support in allowing us to develop and grow.

A belated Happy New Year to you all and here is to a fun filled, energised and dry year!!